Reports, forms and all stationery

From creative to client

As every designer knows, detail counts. Positioning the logo, the strap line, address, font, size, colour have all been carefully considered in the design process. This needn't be lost on its journey into Word. Every measurement is taken, alignment is matched to produce a carbon copy ensuring the final template is true to the original design and consistent to the brand.


Keep it simple and intuitive

These templates make the most of Word's formatting features. Training is not necessary, but a quick how to use guide may help if you have not used Styles before. Click here for a demonstration >>


Complex design made easy

Not only stationery templates can be made; forms, annual reports, bid documents, menus, you name it. If you can design it in Illustrator or InDesign it can be built in Word and can often be given greater functionality for the end user.


But BEFORE any transition can occur between Adobe and Microsoft documents or Mac to PC, there are some important questions to askā€¦


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