Ten top tips to know before designing for PowerPoint ?

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1. Check you're using a compatible font

The first instinct is to use the corporate font used on all the clients printed material. Think again! PowerPoint uses TTF (True Type) or OTF (Open True Type) fonts only. It is likely that Post Script fonts have been used on the printed material which will not work on most PCs. Check your client has the PC version of their company font. Then check that all users of the PowerPoint template will have that font installed. If the answer is 'no' go for a Microsoft system font. A full list of these can be found here>


2. For standard 4:3 layout size your page to 254mm x 190.5mm


3. For widescreen 16:9 layout size your page to 254mm x 143mm


4. Each slide can have up to 9 font styles embedded


5. Do not number your slides 01, 02, 03… 10, 11

These numbers can not automatically appears slide numbers need to go 1, 2, 3, 4… and be in a separate text box so linking it to other words is not advisable also


6. Check the fonts work on both Mac and PC (if required)

Some non Microsoft standard TTF/OTF fonts do not work cross platform so separate Mac and PC versions may be required.


7. Use maximum of ten colours

In the palette there are four colours for text and background (including black and white), six accent colours which are automatically selected in PowerPoint for Smart Art, tables and charts, and two hyperlink colours, which do not show in the palette but will automatically appear if hyperlinks are used.


8. All colour references need to be RGB


9. Keep footers, date and page numbers in a separate text boxes

The Footer Date and Page Number can all be individually controlled in the Header & Footer dialog box, and therefore will automatically update throughout the presentation.


10. Limit Master slide graphics

All lines and images that are set to appear on Master slide layouts are uneditable when the end user selects that slide layout. So avoid adding lines or graphics that will need to move with the text.